DJ Beatdrop

Influenced by his peers and the culture, DJ Beatdrop started his deejay journey at a young age. Beatdrop’s love for music evolved from growing up around a variety of genres such as Hip Hop, Funk, and many more.
The journey began from performing for his high school peers, house parties, and the club nightlife. Beatdrop has DJ’d across numerous cities of Los Angeles for city events, weddings, school dances, family parties, and charity events.

With hard work, dedication, and countless hours to perfecting his talent, DJ Beatdrop achieved one of his long-term goals to work at his favorite radio station, Power 106 in Los Angeles. You can catch him spinning on the airwaves Friday nights on ‘Power Fridays’ from 12am-2am.

That same drive to pursue his dreams also landed DJ Beatdrop a spot on the San Francisco 49ers Amp Squad.

On top of that, his passion for music continues to flourish not only as a DJ but through music production as well.
DJ Beatdrop influences multiple audiences with his ability to adapt to musical trends while maintaining his own sound and style.
As he remains dedicated to his family, career, and passion for music, DJ Beatdrop is persistent to reach new heights in his career.